If you can imagine an ideal dream scenario for the purchase of your new house it would probably go something like this;

You find a realtor that is totally familiar with the neighborhood you´re interested in, and very savvy about the current market.

Your realtor understands what you´re looking for and shows you properties that are within your criteria.(And your realtor is easy and patient about your need to find just the right property!)

When you do find the house you´re interested in, you have questions about possibly removing a wall, or remodeling 3 rooms, or replacing toilets, etc. and your realtor immediately says "I´ll get my contractor (electrician, tile person, plumber, etc.) over here to give us an idea of costs and answer our questions."And quick as can be, that´s exactly what happens!

 Before you make an offer, your dream agent has come to know as much as possible about the property and the condition of the house, and will use that information to negotiate your deal.
Then your agent gets you your house for the absolute best price possible!  Immediately your agent and her team spring into action handling the inspections, the appraisal, the Escrow, your loan application, getting you the best mortgage rate available, and all the other multitude of potentially overwhelming details involved in such a major purchase (while gently holding your hand through the process!)

While that excellent concierge service from The Closing Team was just what you dreamed of, it doesn´t end there.Here´s THE REALLY GOOD PART!While you are back home in Utah packing and planning and arranging your massive move to SoCal, your amazing, multi-talented, force-of-nature agent Anni, using her vast team of professionals, is supervising the remodel of your new house(!) including the removal of walls, demolition, structural work, re-plumbing, re-wiring, new windows, new walls, new flooring3; even new toilets!

Now that´s service from a realtor beyond what you can even dream of!But that´s exactly what you can expect from The Closing Team, service beyond what you dreamed of!

I consider myself so fortunate to have found The Closing Team.I can´t imagine what it would have been like to buy a house without them, especially being from out of state.The Closing Team are my real estate professionals for life.And I can´t wait to get down to SoCal and see my newly remodeled new home, and my new dear friend Anni.

Sincerely, Holly Hallstrom

(Soon to be from Carlsbad, California!)

Letter of thanks to our realtor, Anni Huxley. We had spent 18 months prior with other realtors searching without success. From our very first meeting, Anni impressed us with her professionalism as well as genuine warmth and friendliness. She came well prepared with a variety of listings she had already previewed for us. Her knowledge of the different cities and specific neighborhoods in North County was extremely helpful in quickly narrowing our search. Within a few hours she had earned our trust and we also felt we had made a friend.

Within a couple of days we were successful in buying a house with the unique characteristics we were looking for, in a great neighborhood and most importantly one that retained value during the market downturn. Anni continued to impress us with her negotiation skills, which somehow had persuaded the seller to become invested in our satisfaction! She went above and beyond her duties representing us as buyers and also assisted the seller with his closing duties. Our seller was won over by Anni and vowed to use her for his future real estate transactions.
Anni's service and guidance did not end with the purchase of our house. Something that sets Anni and her partner Dianne apart from other agents we had previously worked with are their resource of professional contacts. From painters, handyman, tilers, landscapers, housecleaners, etc. we felt like we had a team on our side to help us turn our house into our home.

We are very fortunate to have had Anni recommended to us. The relationship has matured from professional contact to personal friendship. We enthusiastically recommend Anni and Dianne to anyone seeking or selling a home.

Doug and Jasmin Compere, Encinitas

Bart and I want to thank you both for your efforts in selling our home. Tim and Michelle Courrier were right, you two are awesome!

Choosing an agent to represent us was a very personal decision. We have spent a great deal of time and money in the past two years of ownership making our house a home. As you know Bart and I are proud of our home and wanted to find an agent(s) that demonstrated the same pride in selling our house as we took in making it a home.

From the first day we met with you two, you demonstrated professionalism, enthusiasm and an abundance of new ideas that had never been presented to us. One of our favorite touches was the personalized water bottles with a picture of our home on the label. It´s the extra effort like this that made an impression with Bart and me.

You wasted no time ensuring we were part of a Broker-Open with in the first week, you held multiple open houses, multiple weekends and were committed to finding our buyer in an aggressive manner.

Our closing has been flawless, you have demonstrated patients with both my husband and I as we are also in the process of waiting for the birth of our first child which in it self has been stressful.

Thank you for going above and beyond. We will not hesitate recommending you and your services to our friends and family.

Bart and Melissa McGhee, Encinitas 

We wanted to send you a warm thank you for helping us sell our home and find us the home we could only dream about until now.  Our experience with each of you has been so positive and rewarding.

Whenever expected to have such a dynamic and caring team working for us around the clock.You both took great care of us throughout each step of the process and handling every detail in a professional manner.

We could never imagine working with any other agents for our real estate needs, and we highly recommend you to all our friends and family.

Even though we are already in our new house, you have both been there ready to help or to answer any of our questions.Your service is invaluable and we cannot thank you enough.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience!

Joe and Amy Benjamin, Encinitas

Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts in selling our home.This was our first time Experiencing the selling process.Your gentle ways combined with extraordinary professionalism made the entire process seamless. When my husband and I were called out of town, you ensured that our Open Houses went without a hitch. Your commitment was seen even further when you arrange to meet with the plumber on our behalf. What a pleasure it was to work with someone who holds such high standards.

You and Anni came highly recommended.I am happy to say that you both exceeded our expectations.Without a doubt you are the best of the best!

Ellen Hojel, Encinitas Ranch  


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wanted to thank you for assisting me in the purchase of my home in San Juan Capistrano. In the beginning, you helped me focus my search for a home that meets my needs. Through the endless negotiations, you hammered out a fair deal. Finally, you CLOSED the deal and obtained the keys to my home.

If someone is looking for a professional to represent them in a purchase or sale of a property, and they want a well informed, caring, agressive, no nonsense representative, I don't know anyone for the job then you.

Thank you again,

Steve Bennett, San Juan Capistrano 

Wow! Where do I begin? I can't imagine how I could have gotten through this process without you! From initially searching the MLS from the East Coast, to traveling here on a power home shopping tour, to finally the renovations... you both were there throughout! I'm so excited that I'm in the final phase of this journey. Your knowledge, expertise, ambition, organization and smiles couldn't be matched. I knew I had been referred real estate guru's but I didn'tknow I'd make great friends from it. For that, I am grateful. You two are the best. I look forward to future business and personal dealings. Thank you for everything.

Carolyn Johnston, Carlsbad 

What a team! Thank you both for your tremendous efforts in my successful relocation from Indianapolis to Los Angeles. I am enjoying complete satisfaction with my new home due to the high level of initiative you showed during all three phases of my relocation: home finding, building and closing.

First, during my home finding trip you took the time to pre-screen by walking through over 35 properties to identify those properties best meeting my criteria. This, in turn, helped maximize the limited time I had during my home finding visit to Los Angeles. More importantly, after I had identified an acceptable property, you carefully analyzed comparable properties to check the feasibility of my bid. Thankfully, when your value didn't match the builder's asking price, I had time to forego that property for my new home. At a comparable price, I now have a home with superior overall value in terms of location, views, features and potential resale value.

Second, you worked closely with the builder and over a half dozen vendors to develop my upgrade options, obtain estimates and coordinate the on-time and accurate completion of the numerous upgrades. You handled all aspects of this process with the utmost professionalism. What impresses me the most is the way you provide written documentation of verbal agreements and constantly follow-up with all parties involved.

Lastly, the closing went smoothly due to your assistance with the mortgage and escrow companies. The mortgage company had the closing funds and required paperwork to escrow so I could close one day and move in the next when the moving van arrived from Indianapolis. You truly went beyond the call of duty when you stopped the UPS truck to retreive the closing papers that had been inadvertently sent to the wrong address.

I can't imagine a better team of real estate agents. I have recommended you to Eli Lilly and Company's relocation department so others can benefit from your expertise, hard work and impecabble professionalism.

Tom Williams, Hermosa Beach 

Since it was our first time selling a house, Tina and I were apprehensive about what to expect.We put our trust in Anni and Dianne and everything fell into place!

During the months that we considered selling our house we paid close attention to what the market offered in the form of agents and their services.When we were referred to Anni and Dianne by some close friends, we found that it was without a doubt the BEST choice!

You both brought an entirely different level of class to buying or selling a home; From the warm and genuine approach that exemplifies your character, to the level of commitment displayed when aggressively seeking our best interests, to the subtle touches you offered in the form of colorful signs, displays and fliers.
Thank you again, Anni and Dianne, for all of your hard work and sincerity and for most of all, becoming our friends throughout the process.
Chris and Tina Greene, San Elijo Hills



We were going to put a billboard on Sunset Boulevard proclaiming that you two are the hardest working and most efficient real estate team in the business. However, after much consideration, we decided a letter of thanks would suffice.

Truthfully, we are very grateful for all your hard work, updates, negotiations and assistance with the closing of the deal. As you know, we have worked with other agents and interviewed other agents. None of them conveyed the sense that they truly cared about our needs. You were always there when you needed to be, always available when we had questions and more than willing to provide any referrals when necessary.

We, of course, will be making sure that all of our friends know that when it comes to real estate, "The Closers" are the team to call. Additionally, if we can ever serve as a testimonial to your abilities don't hesitate to call.

Once again, thank you for everything.

Dave and Leslie Whittet, Manhattan Beach 

D.L. and I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for all of the relentless effort you extended to us during our home acquisition period.

With your keen sense of attention to detail, creative thinking and follow-up, you allowed us to preview many unique opportunities both listed and unlisted. Because of your due diligence, we were able to uncover a property that holds all we could have wished for.

But your efforts did not stop once the right property was found. You then helped us begin the next phase of purchasing our home, which in many cases is harder than finding the right property and that is acquiring the right mortgage lender. For this, we thank you.

Please know that buying our first home in California was a great experience because of our personal and professional association with you and Andrea.

Again thank you for being there and know that you will be a friend for life.

P.S. We look forward to our next adventure in house hunting with you in the future.

Trenton and D.L., Hermosa Beach 

We love you Dianne and Anni and hope to meet you one of these decades. We look forward to working with you when we decide to trade up!

"I have reservations about writing this testimonial for the simple fact that after you read how wonderful they were to work with, you will all expect the same treatment and work them to death. But it is the fact that the Closing Team treats you so special that you tend to believe you are their favorite and only current client when in reality you know that they are treating all of their clients just like you! As a team, they constantly went out of their way to service a client who is 3,000 miles away. My wife and I were looking for a second home by the beach. The trouble was no one was taking us seriously. After all, we were on the other side of the country. I worked with a real estate agent for a while who put me on a generic email listing but didn't do much more. Tiring of getting the same old treatment, I saw their ad in a paper while on vacation. All it took was a call and the whirlwind started! It's like I unleashed a starving Pittbull who had houses on the menu! Dianne consistently visited homes for us and sent digital pictures via e-mail. She was absolutely honest with us. Even if we were excited about a certain home that we researched, she would visit it and let us know that usually it wasn't right for us. She built such a trusting relationship with us with her constant communication and top notch service that we trusted her without ever even meeting her. Once we found our home, there was the business of picking carpets, appliances, blinds, hooking up electricity, water, phones, cable and all of the little things that must be done to move in with a new construction. They even offered to pick up my car that we were having shipped out! Down to the smallest detail, Dianne and Andrea helped us do it all! We love our new getaway and we love Dianne and Andrea! They are among one of the hardest working people that I have come in contact with.

To all prospective clients, "You need the Closing team now!"

Dr. Rick and Tammy Tsai

I have owned 3 homes in my life and of all the homes I've purchased or sold, my best experience has been with Anni and Dianne. They are easy to work with, incredibly patient in understanding your needs, and available to you whenever you need them - even after you have been in your home for years. They add a personal touch to everything they do. If I continue to live in Southern California, Dianne and Andrea will always be my realtors because of their integrity and their excellence in this industry.

Tiffany Brooks


I want to express to you how wonderful it was for me to have the experience of having Dianne and Anni, sell my home.

From the beginning to the end of the sale, both Dianne and Anni called me with updates and worked around my work schedule - I never felt inconvenienced. They always accommodated me.

I felt informed of everything that was going on because Dianne and Anni have excellent communication skills. In fact, my buyer told me that he was extremely impressed with Dianne and if he was ever to sell, he'd want to have her represent him.

Dianne and Anni are "go getters" and I feel this is why my house sold so fast and at top dollar. So, if you are interested in satisfaction, feeling like your best interest is being looked out for, and being informed of results, use Dianne and Anni. They take the frustration out of a serious discussion and keep a smile on your face.

Julie Song

Lee, Cindy and Dylan Coleman, Los Angeles
Just a quick note to express our tremendous appreciation for your diligent efforts in finding us a home in LA. After we had gone through four realtors and numerous house searches, your untiring patience and persistence paid off for us. On Tuesday, we will have a home that suits us perfectly!

Between the two of us, we must have looked at over 100 different houses, townhouses and condos over the last 3 months. We appreciated that you took your time to preview the properties and only bring us the ones that truly qualified. I think you understood what we were looking for and that, although being quite hard to find, still did not deter you.

Also, all your recommendations on contractors, subs and other people to help us after-the-fact is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to recommending you to my friends (some of which I already have) and to using you again in the future to find us our $1,000,000+ home.

Stay in touch and all the best!